At Engagement Multiplier, one of the things we are proud of and passionate about is the type of client we choose to work with. If you are a business owner reading this, you’ll appreciate this: in any business, it’s good to be intentional about choosing whom you serve – your ideal type of customer. When you know who your ideal customer is, you can align your communications, improvements and support in ways that identify with those businesses and individuals.

Early on, we deliberately made the decision to only work with brave, caring, identifiable owners. Without having these three characteristics, business owners are unlikely to see level of results we deliver.

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Let’s look at what being an “identifiable” owner really means.


What it means to be identifiable

When I first decided upon the description of the kind of business owners we wanted to reach, I used to ask prospective clients, “Can your employees point to the owners of the business? Or at least point to a picture of them?” If they couldn’t, it was a red flag for me.

If your employees don’t know who you are, they can’t hold you accountable to be better and make necessary improvements after every 90-day feedback cycle.


Being identifiable is better for the owner too

From a business owner’s perspective, being identifiable and having your employees go through the act of scoring you every 90 days has had a really interesting effect.

When I’ve talked to our business owners about their experiences, they often say to me, “It’s changed how I show up.”

Because, for the first time, in a very long time, they’re being scored.

Business owners normally get away with not being scored. They’re at the top of the organization, it’s their company, and they may be scoring everyone else, or praising their team members, or having quarterly appraisal/feedback sessions, but the owner usually escapes that level of scrutiny and observation. A fact that only hurts your business, which is why we encourage every member of an organization to participate!

If anything, most business owners are only “scored” through employee turnover rates.


With Engagement Multiplier, owners can’t hide – everyone knows who they are. And every 90 days, they’re getting scored. 

And, with that knowledge, engaged owners immediately tend to step up to the plate.

For many of our clients, this has the impact of affecting the way that they interact with their team members. Knowing that, in 90 days or less, each interaction they have will be scored tends to make owners more thoughtful, even more productive.

If you’re meeting a team in a department or division of your business that you haven’t been to in 6 months, then you’d better show up as an engaged owner. If you don’t, and that quarterly feedback comes around, they’re going to tell you.


What being identifiable has done for our business owners

Being identifiable and being scored has helped our business owners to become better, more successful business owners. Engagement is not just about improving the organization, or helping employees become more engaged, or the leaders become more engaged – it’s about the owner becoming more engaged too.

Transferable insight: Whether you’re a business owner that’s already part of The Engagement Multiplier Program or not, act as if your team members are scoring your performance. Bring that additional energy to your game, your focus, your communication, and how you deal with situations.

Look at your diary and pick a team interaction that will happen in the next week, and make some notes on how you can show up and be fully engaged; so much so that your team will say “Wow, that was a great meeting.”