Strategic Coach is an engaged organization – in fact, they scored “Engaged” on their very first survey.  You might wonder why they continue to use Engagement Multiplier if they’re already engaged, or as they put it, a “batteries included company.”

It’s because Strategic Coach continues to see value from regular check-ins and feedback from their employees.

So we asked their employees to tell us what value they’ve gotten out of taking the Engagement Multiplier surveys every 90 days, and it turns out that even highly engaged employees can always use more of…


Feeling valued and important

This was one of the most frequently recurring themes of the responses we received. The simple act of checking in every quarter has a measurable impact on how much your people feel valued. And, the more people feel valued, the more engaged they become.

“This is the first time that I’ve really seen owners of a company put this much attention into how their employees feel, and it makes you feel that much more important when they genuinely have a care in how you work. You’re not just an employee, or a number, you’re much more important to them than that.”

“I was kinda surprised they’d want our feedback. But being able to give that kind of feedback creates a sense that you matter to the company and the company’s owners.”


Excitement and energy

The word “excitement” came up a lot in these responses. Going through the 90-day feedback and improvement process with Engagement Multiplier seems to spark fresh energy – and even get employees to have more “fun.”

“What excites me most is that we’re having more fun. People are more satisfied in their jobs, the company culture feels like it’s improving, we’re taking action on things that I’ve always wanted to take action on, and I think when people are more engaged we’re getting better results. And we’re definitely having more fun.”


A sense of ownership

Many Strategic Coach employees mentioned something about taking ownership of improvements, or of their futures within the company, even of the company itself. As much responsibility as we place on owners to be accountable for making improvements and listening to their teams, we also stress becoming personally accountable for your own happiness – which employees can do once they know their feedback has real impact, and they have real opportunities to make positive change.

“I’ve noticed there are whole new conversations happening, there’s teams and projects and opportunities to get involved in things. This didn’t exist, and I don’t think we even thought to create it before we did this survey. Before I thought about engagement as something the owners of the company have to create for people and doing this process has really got me much more involved in creating my own future within the company.”

“It’s not top-down ideas anymore. It’s really the team contributing on all levels.”

“There’s an overall sense that this is our company.

“It puts personal accountability onto us to take charge of our futures and our company’s future.”


A sense of connection

Perhaps the biggest recurring theme we saw in Strategic Coach employee responses was about feeling more connected.

“I really feel more cohesiveness. I feel an excitement and connectedness.”

Connected with each other, connected with their leaders, and a connection to the Engaged Purpose that brings them all together.

“A greater sense of confidence in each other’s roles. A greater sense of confidence in where we’re going as a company. And the awareness and comfort to know that we’re all on the same page and working towards similar goals.”

“Everyone being engaged, and everyone being cognizant of the other person’s role and how it works is really encouraging.”

“Being offsite, not being with the big team in our Toronto or our Chicago offices, in seven years it can feel like you’re a bit of a satellite. A bit remote. I’ve noticed that since we started doing the engagement multiplier, there’s a greater sense of connection with all of our teams, from London to Los Angeles.”

And this sense of connection becomes especially important in a company that has set its sights on “10X Growth” – as Strategic Coach has.

“As you grow, the cracks and fissures grow. Unless you have a process to keep people connected with your ‘why’ – your purpose – and owners, and leaders, and one another, and customers and clients, you can grow and it won’t be strong. What Engagement Multiplier does is help people connect with one another, with ideas, with purpose. And that’s really essential. If we want to have that in our culture when we’ve grown 10x, it’s critical that we’re talking about engagement now.”


Employee engagement tools don’t just stop working once companies reach “Engaged” status. That energy, vitality, sense of ownership and connection continue as owners continue to show their employees that they matter.