Thanksgiving – that’s a long weekend. Christmas to New Year’s? That’s an entire week! Add to that the distractions of holiday parties, children’s performances, cookie exchanges and snow days, and the holidays are a hot mess for productivity.

And, this is where our quick guide for engagement can really help keep everyone focused.

Productivity Hacks – Surviving and thriving during the holidays

  1. Switch things up to wake-up: Talk to your team about how processes can be improved and streamlined leading up to the holidays. Then, have each person choose something they’d like to change, and give ideas on how it could be changed for the better. Making large-scale changes that disrupt flow might not be ideal at this time, but if it’s something small and won’t require much adaptation, do it. If it’s a larger-scale change, put it on your list to look into for January.

*Productivity Tool: If you’re a member of Engagement Multiplier, this is a great time to use the Suggestion Box feature. Your team will be more likely to participate if they feel they can share their thoughts and opinions in a safe environment.

  1. Play the Gratitude Game: You’re tired. They’re tired. Everyone’s tired. Which makes it difficult to remember showing appreciation. Help your team members keep gratitude top-of-mind by creating a friendly competition with awards for “Most Helpful Human,” “Problem Solver,” “Best Comic-Book Hero,” or any other fun superlative that people can nominate each other for and vote on. Don’t have enough time to create a game? One Engagement Multiplier client has a screen in their break room where employees can share their gratitude for their team members, helping everyone feel more energized.
  2. Get out of the office: Plan an outing or off-site meeting. Winter forces many of us to stay indoors and be less physically active, which drains energy. So take everyone out for an hour of activity and team-building. You could try an indoor archery range, a circus arts class, or embrace the chill and go ice-skating.
  3. Eyes on the prize: With all of the time off, it’s easy for people to become disorganized or feel out of the loop at work. To keep everyone focused and up to speed, try keeping a message board with your goals and purpose writ large on top, and important developments listed underneath. It can be a quick reference for those returning from vacation and act as a progress marker for those who aren’t so lucky.
  4. Find the app for that: Here’s an unusual idea for a company holiday gift – give a meditation app. Meditation has been linked to improved concentration, less stress and greater happiness (really, the gift that keeps on giving!). The top-rated meditation apps for 2017 are Headspace, Calm, and The Mindfulness App. You might also like Happify, an app that helps users track positivity by following goals and focusing on the positive with affirmations, goal setting, quizzes, and mini-games.

Engagement Multiplier Team Favorite: Headspace

  1. Encourage journaling: Journaling isn’t just for writing down what happened during the day anymore. Some journals like How to Be Happy (Or at Least Less Sad): A Creative Workbook, The Happiness Planner, and The Daily Power Journal take a more targeted approach to journaling that can re-energize and re-focus tired employees. And they make great gifts.

Engagement Multiplier Team Favorite: How to Be Happy (Or at Least Less Sad): A Creative Workbook

Stefan Wissenbach, our founder, carries his Magic Map with him at all times, keeping it up to date with goals, to help him stay focused on what’s really important. Feel free to use the idea yourself. For the first time ever, we’ve created a version of Stefan’s Magic Map you can download it here: Download Now

You can also read our previous post for tips on how to set goals you can accomplish in 2018!

Remember: Engagement depends on connecting with your Engaged Purpose and connecting with each other. If you can maintain both this holiday season, you’ll not only be more productive, you’ll lay the foundation for a dynamic new year.

Not sure how to get started with Engaged Purpose? Check out our previous post to download our step-by-step worksheet to get started creating your own!