After the first couple of weeks at a new company, the onboarding process is usually over for most employees. They’ve been shown around the building, met their new colleagues, and they’ve been briefed about their projects.

Now it’s up to them to ask questions, get to grips with the office politics, decide what changes they’re going to make, and determine if they’re in a position of responsibility.

It’s like being thrown in at the deep end, and it’s unfair.

It takes more than a few weeks to get to grips with most new jobs and, while your new hires have to do their best, it’s your responsibility to give them the best possible start. It’s also in your interest. You want your employees to succeed!

That’s why at Engagement Multiplier, our induction process lasts a full 90 days. In fact, we create a unique 90-day plan for each new hire.

When a new employee joins our team, they receive a document with a detailed timetable of what they are expected to learn, what they are expected to be able to accomplish – and when.

Here’s an overview of the 90-day plan:

First Month – Introductions

For the first month, we expect new employees to immerse themselves in our products, processes, and systems. We introduce them systematically, asking new employees to sit in on all relevant meetings and calls, attend tutorials, and detailed briefs.

There is ongoing training that’s different for each role. Our sales force, for example, will receive training on our unique sales process. We focus on what the employee needs to make the biggest and best impact immediately.

They are also systematically introduced to the team, going for lunch with people in the same office, and having 1-to-1 meetings with colleagues with whom they will work directly.

Second Month – Granting independence

Now it’s time for the new employee to gain some independence. This is where they start working properly, marrying what they have learned about the way we operate with their own experience, skills, and flair.

We outline the measurable objectives they have to meet in the first 30, 60, and 90 days, and the specific tasks they have to complete. This very clear framework keeps them focused, and everyone is clear on when they can be expected to start making a tangible impact.

Third Month – The implementation phase

Finally, in month 3, employees have their chance to start making their own mark. Their official training is over, but they have periodic reviews with the line manager, who can help them correct course if necessary.

The employee has the chance to give feedback and raise any concerns they have, too. It’s all open and honest, because that’s most helpful (and in line with our core values).

At the end of the 90-day period, we formally analyze how the employee performed, what went well, and set objectives for the next 90 days.


Can you see how this approach supports the employee to peak performance? How it shows the employee how invested we are in them as a company? And allows the entire team to be involved in the process?

And now it’s over to you.

What will you take away from the 90-day plan we use at Engagement Multiplier? How can you help your new staff learn to swim – instead of throwing them in at the deep end?