So, you’ve signed a contract with your new staff member and confirmed their start date.

Once they join, they’ll go through some training sessions, explaining company policy and procedures. Perhaps they’ll be paired up with a mentor to see them through the first few weeks.

That is the standard way many companies onboard new employees. But it is not enough.

You see, how an employee is brought into your business is the very best indicator of how engaged they will be in the future. If you can support, excite and motivate them right at the start, chances are that they will work harder, create more value and stay with you for much longer.

Your retention efforts start on day 1… well sort of.

At Engagement Multiplier, we have a very effective induction process which lasts a full 90 days and we’re going to walk you through every step. However, while the true induction process starts the second the new recruit steps foot in the office, there are a lot of things that have to happen even before that point.

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Try to think back to when you last accepted a new position at a new company.

In the gap between your last interview and your start date, you probably experienced excitement… but also nervousness and even doubt.

Did you make the right decision? How will you deal with new challenges? Will people be welcoming? What will the first day be like?

It’s impossible to deal with all those issues in advance, but YOU can use this period to make your new recruit feel welcome in your team, build up their excitement, and to reassure them that they have made a fantastic choice. This is especially important when research has shown that a negative onboarding experience results in new hires being 2x more likely to look for other opportunities.

That’s why we stay in touch with new hires after they sign their contract.

Their line manager sends them updates about company or team successes they should know about (without breaching confidentiality). This could be a new client acquisition, a team event or simply a project that has gone well.

As a result, even before they start, they already feel included. They have knowledge of what’s happening in the company and something to discuss on day one and they are reminded that they are joining a successful, vibrant, caring workplace.


Behind the scenes, more is happening

We use this time to create a welcome pack the new hire receives on day 1. It is tailored to them, depending on what we learned about them during our recruitment process. We also brief their colleagues on the new team member, explaining their duties and how they are expected to collaborate with others.

In our next post, we will show you what the first 48 hours of a new employee’s life looks like in the company that is focused on engagement. In the meantime, we challenge you to think about the induction process in your company.

What techniques can you implement, to make employees feel welcome even before they start their new job?

Getting this right could result in every new person you hire becoming a more engaged employee, from the moment they first step through your doors… wouldn’t that be something?