Celebrating holidays and honoring themed months can inspire fun activities around the office. You can bring people together around a shared cause, or bond over a silly activity. Sometimes, a “Day” is just a reminder to do something extra nice.

If you’re looking for ideas for the second Quarter, we’ve rounded up our favorites.

May – Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health awareness is a cause near and dear to our hearts, and we try not to miss an opportunity to destigmatize mental health and support our employees. In this spirit, we encourage practicing daily mindfulness and self-care.

May 13th: Receptionists Day

Give a little recognition to the person who really runs your office! Bring them a coffee or buy them breakfast. Maybe a pretty green plant for their desk?

May 15th: Bike to Work Day

Good for the body and the environment, biking to work is a healthy, fun, invigorating start to the day. Weather permitting, of course!

May 20th: Employee Health & Fitness Day

Offer an opportunity for a healthy activity, like lunchtime yoga, or taking willing team members rock climbing (heights aren’t for everyone). This is a wonderful chance for team building, as long as you’re respectful of team members’ limitations.

May 30th: National Creativity Day

Support your team’s creative endeavors by inviting them to share their creative pursuits “show and tell” style. Or, get everyone involved in an activity, like a lunchtime watercolor lesson, or knitting circle, or a succulent planting workshop (many cities have painting teachers and succulent planting workshops that can come to your office). Origami anyone?

June – Professional Wellness Month

June is the awareness month for a lot of issues – Men’s Health, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Migraines… and about ten more. So we cherry-picked – and we welcome you to do the same. Professional Wellness speaks to us, because it’s really about taking care of your employees. It’s a great excuse to remind them how their health insurance works, encourage them to take their vacation days (work-life balance is so important to wellness!), or even host a workshop on getting better sleep.

June 1st: Say Something Nice Day

It’s so simple, but how often do you say something nice to someone? Today, recognize your team for their accomplishments and encourage them to recognize each other. Give random (work-appropriate) compliments. Stumped? Here are 40 ways to say “good job.”

June 5th: World Environment Day (Fish & Chips Day UK)

We have offices in the US and UK, so when we see a fun UK holiday, we sometimes try to blend the two. Hello Sustainable Seafood! We’re going to take this day as an opportunity to spread awareness about eating seafood in the most environmentally responsible manner.

June 19th: Take Back the Lunch Break Day

The idea behind Take Back the Lunch Break is simple: When more workers take their lunch breaks, worker happiness and wellbeing improves! Encourage your team to take their lunch breaks away from their desks – or even bring in lunch today to give your employees a chance to relax and socialize.

July – Culinary Arts Month

July is Culinary Arts Month, and nothing brings people together better than food! Consider hosting a Chili Cookoff competition, judged by popular vote with lots of taste-testing (prizes could include wine subscriptions, or a cooking class for two).

July 5th: National Workaholics Day

This year, July 5th falls on a Sunday, and maybe that’s part of the point – if you’re working on Sunday, you might need an intervention!

July 30th: National Intern Day

Interns do a lot of unglamorous work for no-to-low pay, so show them they are a valued part of the team today. Maybe a little written note thanking them for all that they do.

August: Family Fun Month

It’s the peak of summer, most kids are still out of school (but not for long!) – August is the perfect time to spend some long days with the family.

August 8th: Happiness Happens Day

This holiday is all about encouraging people to be open about their happiness and share it with others, based on the premise that happiness is unlimited and contagious! Sharing your happiness can bring a lot of joy into other people’s lives. Of course, there’s a fine line between sharing happiness and shameless bragging…

August 9th: National Book Lover’s Day

Today is a great day to start an office book club, or start a communal spreadsheet of book recommendations. You can learn a lot about a person from what they read, which makes a day about reading an ideal opportunity for team bonding.

August 19th: World Photography Day

Just for fun, host a 30-minute workplace photo competition. Give everyone in the office 30 minutes to snap a picture and share it with the team, and then vote on whose photo is “most artistic,” “funniest,” “best composition,” etc.

August 25th-31st: Be Kind to Humankind Week

We love this one, because we take it as a challenge to conduct three acts of kindness this week. Care to join in the fun?

August 27th: Just Because Day

A day to help someone or do something nice “just because.”


Have we missed any? Tell us your favorite holidays for Quarter 2!