We’re so excited about bringing genuine employee engagement to businesses around the world because we’ve seen what it can do. And, for a while now, we’ve been inviting a few select partners to help us spread the word and help introduce us to brave, caring, identifiable business owners who could benefit from our services.

Occasionally, we’ve put on Partnership Events for potential and current partners in the UK.

The way it works is that our current partners invite people they think might be interested to come, and we explain what we do for businesses, how we work with our Partners, and how our Partners can share the wealth.

We do institute a cap on how many referring partners each current Partner can have, and we do so for a very specific reason: We want this to be something our partners share from the desire to connect good people with good people – rather than just sign up as many referring partners as possible to make a profit. We’re all here to make a difference, first and foremost.

We’ve really enjoyed how our Partnership Program has grown organically with people who believe in Engagement as much as we do.

So we’re expanding our Partner Events across the pond and are pleased to announce our first ever Chicago event on July 18th, 2018.


What can you expect at an Engagement Multiplier Partnership Event?

Well, first of all, they’re a lot of fun.

This isn’t a stuffy business meeting. Far from it.

Our Chicago venue is Stefan’s Wissenbach’s favorite Chicago hotel, The Peninsula Chicago (5 Stars, of course). Stefan stays here every time he’s in town, and the July event will actually be his 50th stay (he calls it “The Pen”). It’s an elegant hotel that just happens to house one of Chicago’s best Chinese restaurants, and a well-stocked bar featuring rare whiskies and fabulous Martinis.

It’s the ideal location to learn about Engagement Multiplier formally, and informally.

It’s not just for people interested in the Partner Program – it’s also for those curious about Engagement Multiplier as a tool for their businesses.

After Stefan’s keynote presentation, ‘Engagement – the energy source that transforms businesses’, the day will be split into two sessions, one for brave, caring, identifiable business owners curious about what Engagement Multiplier can do for their businesses, and one for existing Partners.


Session 1: US Introduction to Engagement Multiplier for Business Owners (9:00am-11:00am)

This free event is designed exclusively for brave, caring business owners of growth-focused businesses. This is not a sales seminar. Stefan Wissenbach will give you practical insights and tools that you can use, right now, to generate remarkable results.

Our goal is for all attendees to leave feeling they have received great value and that this was a morning well spent.

Some of the important topics that will be covered:

  • Why Engagement is an energy source that transforms businesses – and how you create and maintain employee engagement.
  • Why Employee Engagement Surveys don’t work – but why you must seek feedback from your employees, how to do it effectively, and the pitfalls to avoid before doing so.
  • The power of a Purpose. You will see how a purpose that inspires your team can be created in just a few hours, and will be provided with tools to take away to create your own.
  • How you can score your own businesses’ engagement levels in less than 10 minutes, and decide on three actions you can take before leaving the briefing that will generate positive results.
  • The fastest way to create engaged customers – that isn’t just a one off.
  • Three simple strategies to create stronger engaged leaders in your business.

Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Stefan’s latest book ‘The Engaged Organization’ and a free engagement report on their businesses containing valuable insights to enable positive change.

Admission is Free. Reserve your seat here.


Session 2: US Engagement Multiplier Potential Partner Event (12:30-4:00pm)

Our afternoon event is for successful advisors to owner-led businesses who appreciate the power of employee engagement, and are considering becoming Engagement Multiplier Partners.

Stefan will lead a high-energy, interactive briefing about using our Partner Program to add value to your business (and your clients’ businesses), and give you the opportunity to learn from our existing partners about best practices, strategies and approaches to deliver the best results – as well as how to build your own Partner Network.

  • Meet our Founder, Stefan Wissenbach, who will share his philosophy on why engagement is the energy source that transforms businesses
  • Understand how you can use our Partner Program to add value to your business and that of your clients
  • Learn from shared best practice, strategies and approaches that deliver results for our existing partners
  • Understand how you can build your own Partner Network

Our goal for this session is to provide you with the tools, coaching, collateral and content to make it easy for you to take the next practical action steps to get immediate results.

Admission: $165. Reserve your seat here.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet Stefan – and meet other top advisors, coaches and consultants like yourselves, and we hope you’ll be able to make it!
We will be planning future Partner and Prospective Client events in cities across the U.S. If you’d like to be notified when they are scheduled, email us now at [email?] and we’ll put you on the list!