Well over one-hundred years ago, mathematician and physicist Karl Pearson coined the phrase “What gets measured improves; and what gets measured and reported improves exponentially.” Since then, the sentiment has been re-coined in a dozen different ways.


Here at Engagement Multiplier, we have our own variation:

If you can measure it, you can improve it.

We are passionate about measuring how engaged a business is by breaking down an organization into key elements that each receive a score. As we tell our business owners, there’s no such thing as a bad score. The great thing about a score is that it gives you a frame of reference and helps you understand exactly where you are.


This is important. Until you understand where you are, it’s very difficult to understand what you need to do to make things better.

Sometimes I speak with business owners who say,  

“I’m a bit worried about some of the scores we’re going to get through the program.”

or that

“If we implement your program and invite candid, honest, accurate feedback from team members, we’re going to lift the lid on all of the problems that exist within the business.”


For many, that’s a frightening proposition (that’s why you need to be a brave owner!)

But my response to these concerns is always the same:

“It’s not a secret! You might think it’s a secret, but everyone in your business knows what the problems are already and have been talking about them amongst themselves the whole time.”


Quite often, when problems are kept in the shadows, that’s when they take on an unnecessarily large scale that’s probably not warranted. Get them out into the daylight, identify them, and they’ll shrink to a manageable size and get addressed – because you’ll finally understand what you need to do.


Transferable Insight: There is no such thing as a bad score! And if there are issues within your business, people know they’re there anyway, so the best thing you can do is to identify them, deal with them, and start that wonderful process of creating an engaged organization where business transformation really happens.