Every so often, we all come across an incredible person who is so engaged with what they’re doing, they make the encounter an absolute delight. They are present, focused and energized, and this in reflects in their interaction with others. They often create what we refer to as an ‘Engaging Moment’.

Because we all lead busy lives, sometimes ‘Engaging Moments’ can pass us by – which is why we’ve chosen to capture these and share them with you. Of course we recommend measuring employee engagement, but to truly understand the individual impact of being truly engaged, it is vital to share real stories of people on the front lines.

Here’s a recent example from our Founder and Chief Engagement Officer, Stefan Wissenbach:

On a recent short break with my family in Hampshire, England, before venturing out for a brisk afternoon walk, I decided to go to a lovely old country pub in the middle of nowhere. It had low ceilings and ceramic tap handles – a picture postcard example of a very old, traditional English Pub. Totally authentic and thoroughly charming.

Walking towards the bar, I asked one of the staff if I could order a pint of beer. She gave me an odd look but then proceeded to pour my drink. Then, with a big smile she said:

“This is the first time I’ve done this.”

Surprised (because she’d done a really good job!), I said, “really? Why is that?”

She replied, “I’m the housekeeper.”

So, I suggested “let’s pour a couple more pints” and I called my wife, son and his girlfriend over. My wife ordered a gin and tonic, and the housekeeper asked “would you like ice and a slice with that?” – like she’d been tending the bar her whole life.

I asked “So, what’s it like behind the bar?”

“It’s quite good fun!”

And as we shared a laugh, I noticed the bar staff standing in the doorway and smiling at the housekeeper, Tracy, holding court and having a blast.

As Stefan shared the story with our team he said “It got me thinking: Tracy had a choice. When I walked into the bar and asked for a drink, she could have said “I’m the housekeeper, I don’t work behind the bar.” That’s what 99% of people would have said in her position. But she went behind the bar, was honest that it wasn’t what she normally did, and gave it a try anyway, making everyone around her feel really happy.

It’s a perfect example of engagement”.

Have an example of an Engaging Moment? Share yours with us @EMultiplier by using #EngagedMoments on Twitter.

There are countless reasons to pursue this type of engagement. One of the most simple reasons is that engaged people within your organization will perpetuate their attitude by being more likely to come up with and share great employee engagement ideas.


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