“You mean I have to take time out of my very busy day to fill out a survey?”

Okay, you might not actually say this to your coworkers or manager, but you might think it. After all, you have a lengthy To-Do list already. And now you have to pile on one more thing? That’s how camels break their backs, right?

But before you brush it off or rush through it, allow us to make one more tiny demand on your time (I know, it’s no small request).

Consider what’s in it for you.

Employee engagement isn’t something you do only for your boss or even your company. It’s something you do for yourself. For your own personal ‘ROI.’ Engagement Multiplier was created to benefit you as much as your business, because we believe every individual person deserves to live each day with passion, energy and meaning.


The ROI of Engagement for You

Feeling engaged has been linked to:

Better health – Engaged workers report lower stress, higher interest levels and even improvements in cholesterol and blood pressure.

Happiness – Engaged employees are fulfilling the five basic human needs that lead to happiness at work: Meaning, autonomy, growth, impact and connection.

Higher pay and advancement – Engaged employees are more productive and do better work (and are much more fun to work with). As a result, they tend to be promoted faster and earn higher wages.

Richer outside-of-work lives – It might seem counterintuitive, but higher engagement at work doesn’t mean you spend every minute of your life thinking about work. Engaged employees often find that they’re more engaged in every part of their lives – at home and in outside interests. This can even create a positive feedback loop where better work-life balance promotes higher at-work engagement, and higher engagement leads to richer home lives.


Your Buy-in is Vital

We’re not asking you to swig the corporate Kool-aid just because we say so. We’re asking that you give engagement a chance to prove its worth to you. But we need your help to do it. We need you to invest the 10 minutes it takes to complete the Engagement Multiplier survey and give your absolutely honest feedback (which is 100% anonymous, we promise).

When employee engagement becomes part of your workplace culture, you’ll see your work become easier as efficiency increases across the board. You’ll feel less frustrated as better communication becomes the norm. And you’ll see the improvements you suggest become real solutions that benefit you, your coworkers, and your company.

You will see the impact you make and the value you bring – and there’s nothing more motivating than that.

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