Just as you keep learning from your employees, we keep learning from you – and everything we’ve learned from 2017 is going into making our 2018 employee engagement survey platform easier to use, and more closely aligned with what you need.

We have some revolutionary new features – but don’t worry, the changes won’t upend how you currently use Engagement Multiplier. It will still be the intuitive, simple platform dashboard you know and love, but with a few extra benefits.


Platform Feature Improvements


Unlimited Assessments

We’re upgrading all of our clients to unlimited assessments, which means you are now able to adjust your survey frequency to meet your specific needs. Despite requiring a minimum of one survey (for benchmark purposes) each year, you will now have the freedom to use our program in the way that best fits your organization’s pace and culture.


More Detailed Scores

Team members with appropriate security access will be able to drill down on each score and see the results of each specific question to help you clarify your next steps. The information is still only visible if there are at least three engagement survey respondents within the group to ensure anonymity.


Comment Grouping

We’re upgrading our Vault Technology within the platform to allow business owners to sort the open-ended employee engagement survey questions by group. Our security measures always ensure everyone’s privacy is protected.


Core Modules

It can be challenging, maybe even a little overwhelming, to try and improve scores on everything at one time across the board. Core modules let you narrow your focus to one concept at a time, including:

By breaking it down this way, we’re giving owners the tools to develop their purpose, demonstrate the characteristics of an engaged owner, leader, and employee – one step at a time.


Engaged Zone

When organizations reach Engaged Status, they have access to an extensive library of custom surveys that enable them to dive deeper into the value of their products and services, uncover new innovations with the help of their engaged staff, and include customers in assessments (and a lot more). We’re adding a few new engagement surveys to the list this year:

  • Product/service assessment
  • Competition assessment
  • New innovations/ideas assessment
  • Custom module
  • Core Values assessment
  • BenefitsAppreciation assessment
  • Community outreach assessment

The New Year is looking brighter by the minute and we love that you’re with us on this journey to making our company cultures stronger and our work better.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about these new features, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch with our Engagement Multiplier team.




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