Employee engagement was a term I heard often but never truly connected to it until I joined Engagement Multiplier. It’s a topic that goes beyond simply being engaged at work, but it can definitely start there.

At Engagement Multiplier, we practice what we preach. I had to dive in and truly understand what “engagement” means to me. This term can be interpreted differently but to me, engagement is being energized, passionate and caring.

Energized by the situation at hand, passionate about the work that you do, and caring for those who are involved.

To feel energized at work, it is essential that you are communicating effectively. To do this, feedback has to be given (and accepted), especially when something isn’t working. As an employee, I had to learn how to best communicate constructive feedback, not only to the person I report to but also to my colleagues.

I learned that, when exchanging feedback, the key is to…

  • Be respectful
  • Have patience
  • Show compassion
  • Stay positive
  • Listen

And then I thought – Aha! I need to apply this in every circumstance, and not just the work setting.

Being engaged at work made me more aware of how I treat others and how I operate in different situations. I take “engagement” with me everywhere I go – company meetings, client calls, family dinners, social gatherings, the gym, the Chicago ‘L’ (even during rush hour when it’s extremely crowded), the list goes on.

You see, when you’re engaged at work, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and challenge yourself to do a better job than you did yesterday. When you’re engaged in life, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and challenge yourself to be the best person you can be.

It takes someone with motivation and bravery to reach an engaged status. But I’ll turn it over to you to decide if this challenge is a right fit for you.

Does your organization miss the importance of focusing on engagement? Make the case for engagement and be a hero to your colleagues, as well as the business itself! Read about how you can talk to your boss about engagement here.