This year has been an enormous turning point for us at Engagement Multiplier. Our growth has skyrocketed! There have been so many exciting things going on within the product (we’ve made a lot of changes with YOUR help and feedback!), and outside of the product – with our community.

In fact, you might say the theme for 2018 was cultivating our community of EM Partners.

We hosted outreach events here in Chicago and in the UK, and Stefan was a featured speaker at the Kolbe Conference Conation Nation, the Relais & Chateaux Rendez-Vous, and the 2018 GUBA Awards Conference where he presented the keynote address. We’ve met the most wonderful, enthusiastic people at these events – people who GET how important and transformative engagement is.

We’re leaving 2018 having made a lot of progress towards our goal of making 100,000,000 people measurably more engaged. This year, we’ll be focusing on expanding our community even more to get closer to that goal.

2019 will be our most engaged year yet – and we hope it will be yours too!


Introducing exciting new partnership opportunities!


Strategic Country Partners – Engagement Multiplier is going global (global licensing!), which means we’ll be able to quickly to expand into multiple countries and multiple languages. We are currently looking for strategic country partners (SCP) who are interested in owning the rights to Engagement Multiplier in a specific geographic territory. It’s a very unique opportunity to have an enormous impact and ‘own’ your space, so to speak. Sound intriguing? Or do you know someone who might make an ideal country partner? Contact us at

Integration Partners – We are looking for partners who can helps us integrate with other business products and services that can also benefit Engagement Multiplier clients. Do you know of an ideal integration partner? Are you in a position to source and secure relationships with complementary companies? Then we would love to hear from you! Contact


2019 Employee Engagement Events & Stefan’s Upcoming Appearances

We had such successful Engagement Multiplier events in Chicago and in the UK last year that we’re going to continue to schedule events every quarter in 2019. Interested in coming? Check out our Eventbrite page here, or follow us on social media for updates to our event schedule, and contact to join our mailing list.

Stefan’s speaking schedule for 2019 is still finalizing dates, but we do know that he will be presenting his keynote on the need of employee engagement, as well as attending many management and leadership events throughout 2019. If you’d like Stefan to speak at your event or lead a workshop on engagement, contact him here.


Product Updates: On-Demand Surveys Available Soon!

The benchmark engagement assessment has been the primary tool to quantify and track company-wide employee engagement at regular intervals. But we’re always listening to what our customers need and want, and one of the most frequent requests has been for a more flexible survey.

The new On-Demand survey feature that will go live this Spring is designed to complement the benchmark engagement assessment by allowing leadership to dive deeper into a wide range of engagement-related topics – with complete flexibility.

  • Send surveys any time, with complete control over scheduling
  • Focus on topics from an extensive library of templates – or create a custom survey
  • Target specific audiences within your organization so you can focus on the departments and locations that need your attention most

Happy New Year to all our friends and partners!

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