Employee satisfaction vs. employee engagement

Often, definitions of employee engagement are limited to employee satisfaction. We believe it’s much more. Because you can be satisfied without being engaged. The ideal, of course, is to be both. Here are examples of what an employee in each state might say:

Satisfied and Engaged Employees Quote
Satisfied and Engaged

“It’s awesome. We all work together for the same goals. It’s a fun place to work!”

Disengaged Employees Quote
Satisfied but Disengaged

“Yeah, it’s totally fine, I guess. I go to work, do my job, and they pay me. So it’s fine.”

Importance of employee engagement

When all team members are engaged—from ownership to leaders to staff—the entire organization benefits. An Engaged Organization™ becomes more than just a nice place to work, with improved morale. Engaged organizations perform well against virtually any measure of a business’ success:

In an Engaged Organization, everyone feels that they have a voice, and are heard. They feel shared accountability for success. They matter. All of this, of course, positively impacts the bottom line. Engaged Organizations make more money.

And all this is why employee engagement is so important, and why you should start measuring your engagement levels today.

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