Stories, features and tips to improve engagement

March 2017

On January 16th, we launched a significant upgrade to our program that will provide much deeper learning and actionable insights for you to continue to transform your organization.

We’ve improved the way we ask questions to make completing the survey even easier and interpreting the results clearer than ever.

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January 2017

A significant upgrade to our platform that will provide you with much deeper learning and actionable insights for you to improve engagement levels within your organization.

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December 2016

It’s been an incredible year at Engagement Multiplier. Having launched a number of new features and upgrades, we’re seeing our client community truly thrive as they utilize this additional capability and the meaningful, positive impact on their organizations.

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November 2016

Engagement Multiplier’s new YouTube channel is now live! Gain access to a growing suite of videos from Engagement Multiplier’s clients and experts who provide transferable insight that you can use to improve morale, culture, retention and profitability in your business.

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October 2016

As a business that’s seeking to help over 100 million people become measurably more engaged, we want to ensure that the program effectively communicates in the global marketplace. We are therefore delighted to announce that we have commenced the roll-out of our global localization plan.

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September 2016

We are delighted to announce that our new webinar series goes live in October. Our Chief Engagement Officer, Stefan Wissenbach will be hosting a high energy, high impact webinar series aimed at business owners and key employees focused on raising engagement levels. As usual, we’ve set the bar high – we want your participation in our webinars to be the highlight of your day!

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August 2016

Engagement is today’s HOT TOPIC in the business world. Do a quick search online and it’s very easy to quickly find yourself in a position of ‘information overload’. You want to improve engagement levels – but you don’t necessarily want to spend hours finding the ‘nuggets of gold’ in the vast swathes of information out there.

We are delighted to announce that the Engagement Multiplier blog is now live – the new resource that gets straight to the heart of engagement in a way that strips out the noise, removes complexity and provides you with thought provoking, informative, energizing ideas and guidance to help you raise engagement levels in your business – today.

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July 2016

By embracing Engagement Multiplier, you already prove to your team that their voice counts. Every 90 days they have the opportunity to confidentially provide suggestions to improve your business and engagement levels. It’s powerful and it works.

Our new Suggestion Box tool amplifies this capability by providing a confidential and anonymous structure to capture feedback and grow ideas outside of your Engagement Multiplier survey cycle. It’s always live and can be used at any time.

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June 2016

Over the last two years we’ve seen the power and value of team feedback that comes from using our confidential and anonymous platform. It continues to inspire us every day. But we realized there was an opportunity to take the value to another level, and so we’ve created a new capability for our clients—which is now live on your dashboard.

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May 2016

At Engagement Multiplier, we are passionate about the transformational power of engagement. The rewards of owning, being employed by, or doing business with an Engaged Organization are both proven and tangible. As a business that’s chosen to embrace engagement, you should be proud. It makes perfect sense to celebrate and communicate your success—and we want to make this easy for you.

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