• Anonymous Employee Engagement Survey
  • Step 1: Get an honest assessment from your team.

    Every 90 days, each of your employees will take a simple, anonymous engagement survey. This easy-to-understand questionnaire measures more than simply their satisfaction in the work place. It covers all five dimensions that make up an Engaged Organization™.

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  • Employee Engagement Measurement Solution
  • Step 2: Understand and analyze engagement in your organization.

    After each survey is complete, you will receive a comprehensive and customizable Engagement Report™. You’ll quickly be able to compare engagement scores across different areas of your organization, track trends over time, and see precisely where to focus your efforts to improve engagement.

    Written feedback from your team will also provide eye-opening insights. The anonymous, honest words of your staff inspire action and allow you to establish actionable goals.

  • Anonymous Employee Feedback Tool
  • Step 3: Take targeted action based on real insights.

    With each report, you receive expert advice and recommended actions based on your organization’s most pressing needs. The Dashboard also includes tools to help create your employee engagement plan with focused, attainable goals for the next 90 days.

  • Quarterly Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Step 4: Share results and connect your team.

    The Dashboard gives you the ability to share company-wide scores—along with your 90-day goals—directly with all of your employees. This communication is essential to the success of the program because it shows your commitment, validates your employees’ efforts, and encourages continued participation.

    When you create an environment where your team is invested, everybody wins.