• Employee Engagement Scorecard
  • Build an understanding of engagement in your organization

    An Engaged Organization™ is built by measuring and fulfilling the five key engagement dimensions. Our Engaged Organization Scorecard™ is a valuable tool that guides you in understanding the dimensions and where your organization truly stands.

  • Employee Engagement Sample Plan Template
  • Focus efforts each 90 days

    Each survey cycle measures your employee engagement scores and directs you to focus on one specific dimension. Each engagement dimension supports the next, building from your Engaged Purpose. By planning your efforts in the right sequence, your successes will build on each other and create continuous cycles of improvement for your organization.

  • Employee Engagement Expert Guides
  • Unlock engagement step by step

    We provide actionable, expert guidance in each of our Keys to Engagement Series guides. You’ll have access to volumes of our experience and advice that make it easy to fulfill each of the core Engagement Dimensions and achieve lasting engagement in your organization.

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  • The Engaged Organization Book
  • The book that started it all
    The Engaged Organization™

    Written by Stefan Wissenbach, engagement expert and founder of Engagement Multiplier, The Engaged Organization is the complete source for the philosophy and structure that underlies the program. It gives you all the knowledge you need to increase engagement in your organization. Our online engagement platform simply makes it easier.

Get a sneak peek into Engagement Multiplier.

Our Engaged Employee Guide is written for organizations that sign up for the Engagement Multiplier program, which helps you survey, analyze and improve employee engagement, company-wide.

But you can have a sneak peek at our five-part Keys to Engagement Series now, at no cost. This guide is full of employee engagement strategies to increase employee retention—best practices and smart ideas that can inspire everyone on your team.