Our passion for engagement

We are not like those employee engagement companies or software vendors that just sell you a product and wish you well. Yes, employee engagement tools, questionnaires and measurement are all part of what we offer—but they’re just HOW. What really makes us different is WHY.

Everyone on the team—on both sides of the pond—shares a passion for the power of engagement, and embraces accountability for helping achieve our Engaged Purpose™. We live it every day. And as with every Engaged Organization™, the source and inspiration is an Engaged Owner™—in our case, Chief Engagement Officer™, Stefan Wissenbach.

Stefan Wissenbach, Employee Engagement Company Founder

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Building an engagement community

Stefan founded Engagement Multiplier only after testing the platform among entrepreneurs and small business owners. Their real-world feedback inspired refinements that make the program work.

These founding clients have felt firsthand the power of engagement and want to start sharing what they’ve learned. Engagement Multiplier is fostering a community through shared success stories, podcasts, newsletters, books and additional resources. It’s only the beginning. Stefan’s goal is to help 100 million people to fulfill their potential—to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement and to become more engaged.

Everyone on the Engagement Multiplier team invites your organization to join the community and share the passion.