What makes Engagement Multiplier so effective

Employee Engagement Survey Software

Engagement surveys

Anonymous questionnaires give each employee a voice and you an honest assessment—in less than 10 minutes of time every 90 days.

Our survey

Employee Engagement Tools

Dashboard tools

Comprehensive engagement reporting and feedback, along with highly effective tools to set goals and connect with your team.

Dashboard tools

Employee Engagement Guides

Expert guidance

Structured, pointed advice and a series of in-depth guides make it easy to know where to focus efforts and drive improvement.

Expert guidance

Unlock your organization’s hidden potential.

The key principles for increasing employee engagement.

Honest feedback

It’s the only way to truly know where you stand in order to make positive change.

Insight and focus

Structure is key to identifying, and acting on, your biggest opportunities for improvement.

Attainable goals

Success is built steadily over time when your focus is on progress, not perfection.

Shared accountability

With everyone connected and invested in the same goals, improvement is exponential.

How it works

Built on a proven structure

A truly Engaged Organization™ encompasses much more than employee satisfaction, it fulfills five key dimensions of engagement. Each supports the next, starting with an Engaged Purpose that connects all others. These dimensions form an underlying framework for the Engagement Multiplier program. Powered by our online employee engagement survey software, we guide you in measuring and improving each dimension.

Expert guidance

When organizations successfully engage their customers and their employees, they experience a 240% boost in performance related business outcome compared with organizations with neither engaged employees nor engaged customers.– Gallup State of the American Workforce 2013